Dusty Trail Ends in Dallas for the Cowboys of 2016


The long, hard fought, dusty trail to the Super Bowl came to an abrupt end for the Cowboys Sunday afternoon.  2016 was a season to measure all other seasons by, for the Cowboys.

Dallas received the opening kickoff and drove right into Green Bay territory, only to have a un-sportsmen Like Conduct penalty on Brice Butler for being confused and being the 12 man in the huddle.  This was not called a simple too many men in the huddle for five yards, instead we were punished 15 yards which stalled a good start, leaving Dan Bailey to kick the first field goal, while giving Dallas a 3-0 lead.

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The Cowboys lost their momentum for a quarter after this penalty.  Rod Marinelli failed to make the necessary defensive adjustments early enough to keep the game within reach as the Packers built up and 18 point lead in the second quarter.  The rust from two weeks off was apparent for Dallas.

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Safety Jeff Heath intercepted Aaron Rodgers and the momentum turned in the second half.

Dallas dusted off their trail rust in the second half and played like the 2016 Cowboys played all season.  They found a way to score with big plays to Dez Bryant and Ezekiel Elliott.  Dak and the Defense fought their way back to a fourth quarter tie.

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With less then thirty seconds left in the contest, Dallas’ defense gave up a 34 yard pass– which set up Mason Crosby for a 51 yard game winning field goal with just three seconds left on the game clock.

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It was an exciting game in the second half.  The Cowboys never had the lead after the first score of the game; however,  Dallas did turn a potential blow-out into a fourth quarter shoot-out.

This 2016 Cowboys’ team came into the season with very little hope after Tony Romo went down with yet another back injury against Seattle in pre-season.

Hats off to the entire team for the way they maintained composure after losing their leader and Field General, Tony Romo.  This team led by the best offensive line in football, has nothing to be ashamed of.  This 13-3 team made it a good autumn for all Cowboy fans across the globe.

The Cowboys are set up for next season’s journey.  Jaylon Smith should be ready for summer camp giving the team a first round middle linebacker even before the 2017 NFL Draft starts.

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This team will be on the trail to the  Super Bowl again next season with a Great Foundation in place and all of our draft picks ready to take the best player available, with no obvious needs, except maybe a pass rusher.

I’d like to personally thank everyone for the great time this season and for following us at Whitebear560.com.  Cowboys forever!

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Dallas has a score to settle in upcoming Shootout


The potential for a Shootout on Sunday afternoon in Arlington will draw the largest television crowd on record.  With both Dallas and Green Bay having the ability to score quickly and often, this one should come down to who dominates on the defensive side of the ball.

Jason Garrett’s squad will attempt to run the clock and win in the battle of the turnovers.  These will be the two key elements in winning at home in this divisional playoff game.

Aaron Rodgers has seen his fair share of shootouts in his career, but none have been like the one he faces with 90,000 spectators plus inside AT&T Stadium.  In the last meeting the Cowboys were able to match the scoring of Green Bay.  They keeping telling us this is a different team then we faced in Lambeau earlier in the season.

Have I got news for you, doubters.  This is NOT the same team that beat the Packers earlier in the season, either!  Remember, we won that game on their home turf, without Dez Bryant even dressing out in uniform.

The Packers have played their collective hearts out during the final run of the regular season and last week against the New York Giants.  However, here stems their issues.  They are banged up and without Jordy Nelson.  Their rookie middle linebacker is banged up and is going to have to take on our brutes on the offensive line at some point.

Meanwhile, back at the STAR, the Cowboys had their full roster in attendance for Wednesday’s early session.  This is a young team with a lot of veterans seeing their first playoff action ever.

Expect the Cowboys to come stampeding out of the gate, right from the get go.  This is playoff time and the coaches will have this team prepared to run over Green Bay and use their spurs in doing so.

This game is a Tabula Rosa (Blank slate).  Nothing that happened this season, with the  exception of the younger players gaining game time experience, is likely to determine the outcome of this playoff game.

What will playout in this playoff is the heart and determination of all three Cowboy groups (offense, defense and special teams).  They gelled early on and they have yet to unravel some of the special trick plays Scott Linehan will have in store for Green Bay.  Green Bay will give up the big plays,  especially after our offensive line has worn them down a bit –  have them playing on the heals.

Dez has his own issues to put behind him in this game.  Expect Dez to draw double coverage.  Expect Dez NOT to lose a touchdown in this one-to a bad call.  Expect Dez’s presence, alone, to make this a big passing day for Dallas.  Having Bryant out there will free up one of our other many weapons, and Dak knows just how to use them effectively.

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Having  the best offensive line in the NFL will allow Ezekiel Elliott to get to the second and third levels, often.  This is where the shootout will begin.  The Cowboys will come out firing both barrels and take Green Bay out of this one quickly.

Rod Marinelli has his full compliment of linemen ready for this game.  Keeping fresh legs on the field while not drawing penalties for doing anything less, will certainly be a challenge against Green Bay’s hurry- up offense.  However, it is a challenge Marinelli has his group ready for.  They will keep Rodgers guessing and on the run.

Matt Eberflus’ defensive passing strategy will keep the Packers honest in the running game, while stopping a shootout.  Expect to see a whole lot of the dime defense on Sunday.   Expect Sean Lee to have a career game in his first, ever, playoff appearance.

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Anthony Brown has come a tremendous distance since summer camp, but I expect it will be Byron Jones who plays the game of his life on Sunday.  And, he will need to – for Dallas to hand Green Bay the beating they have prepared for them.

Takeaways and not allowing the big plays will help Dallas advance in this shootout.  The Cowboys’ veterans from 2014 have an extra incentive in this one.  Yet, this entire Dallas team plays as a team and will win this game – as a team.



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Green Bay Packs to head towards Epic Playoff game at AT&T Stadium

Caption (credit: www.dallascowboys.com)

Green Bay packs their bags later this week to face a long time rival for a Epic battle that started way back in 1967.  This rivalry has seen a great deal of fireworks throughout the years.

Like all  Playoff games this is a win and go on, or lose and shut up cause you’re season is officially finished.

Aaron Rodgers has been playing lights out.  It seems that every end of the half and every final two minutes of the game, this guy seems to find a receiver to catch his Hail Mary passes.  Now he feels comfortable doing it every game.   This will result in disappointment here in Dallas for the Pro-Bowl quarterback.

Expect the Packers to try and run the ball early with Christin Michaels and Ty Montgomery.  Early in the game Rod Marinelli will have his defense in a 4-2-5 (nickle) to start out the game.

The goal for Dallas in this one will be to chew up the clock, get an early lead, and then Rod’s defense will resort to the Dime package, using only three down linemen   This has been where this defense has shined.

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Getting DeMarcus Lawrence, Tyrone Crawford, Terrell McClain and Cedric Thornton back into the defensive line rotation will be critical.  Marinelli is going to have to manage to keep his three best linemen on the field,  while not getting caught up in penalties as Rodgers will run the hurry -up offense-to try to keep Dallas from bring in fresh legs along the defensive line.  If the Cowboys are successful, Aaron Rodgers will be in for a rough day.

Our linebackers and defensive backfield are back to full strength including Morris Claiborne.  Takeaways will be key to winning this one.

The Cowboys offensive line will manhandle the Packer’s defensive front.  The Cowboys are going to do exactly what got them into this position; they are going to pound the ball with the league’s rushing champion Ezekiel Elliott and his backup, Darren McFadden.

Then, Dak is going to take over in the passing game adding to his already Epic season..  The Packers will be very concerned with not letting Dez Bryant beat them.  This means they will have to play a man over the top and double Dez.

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This will result in a huge game for Cole Beasley and Terrance Williams or Brice Butler.   Jason Witten is going to take whatever they give him.

This is the playoffs and I expect that there will be at least on successful jet sweep, whether with Lucky Whitehead or Lance Dunbar.  Dunbar should get a shot downfield, too.

In this Epic battle between two former Championship teams, the Cowboys just seem to have too many weapons and that includes a very stingy defense with no-name.  Go Cowboys!


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Randy Gregory is expelled from the NFL, again.

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Randy Gregory is back on the Commissioner’s Shit List.  Actually, this is his third run in with his illegal substance issue since becoming a Dallas Cowboy.

After missing too many games with a high ankle sprain in his rookie season and never reaching that pinnacle that was expected for him, Randy failed a required drug test after the dismal season ended in 2015.

Gregory was facing his first four game suspension when he failed his second drug test.  This resulted in a 4 plus 10 game suspension, and the suspensions were NOT ran concurrent.

This troubled young man turned himself into rehab knowing his future was in severe Jeopardy.  Not only because of his continued Marijuana use, but as a duel-diagnosis patient suffering from depression, like the Great Charles Haley does.

This whole issue brings into light that this young man may not be just acting juvenile, but because he had found a way to cope with the darkness that often accompanies depression.

I think it is about time the NFL policies catch up with the new wave the Nation is heading into.  It is past due time that we stop making criminals out of people who smoke marijuana, as many states now recognize it as a medicine.  This is NOT a performance enhancing drug.  It is a drug approved across the country for treating such a condition as Randy is suffering from.

Get with the program, Rodger Goodell.  It is time to stop punishing players for smoking when there is an obvious, diagnosed condition. ,  I, for one, have always been a supporter of NORML.

Randy failed another drug test while in rehab which has earned him a suspension for the entire playoffs and the 2017 season.  That just seems too harsh.  Maybe, Gregory should have just NOT shown up like Leveon Bell from the Steelers chose to do, and then he got his suspension reduced, and this was NOT his first run with the failed/missed drug test.

I was so mad at Randy Gregory for failing even a single drug test after the Cowboys had just made a millionaire out of him.  They gave him Charles Haley’s number.  They had Darren Woodson announce his selection at the draft.  It seemed his young man had it all and threw it away to smoke some pot.  That is NOT the case.

Caption (credit: www.dallascowboys.com)

Randy needs to be with his team for support.  He needs to seek continued consoling for his depression.  He needs to re-learn how to become a man, mentally and socially.

Randy Gregory showed his dedication, by his keeping in football shape and coming in when we most needed him because our defense line was depleted.  He played like he has been here the whole time.  I hope #94 can shed his demons the way he sheds blockers.  It is NO question he would have made this playoff defense even better had he received the proper diagnosis while in college, or just after being drafted.

(credit: www.dallascowboys.com)

Best wishes to you, Randy Gregory, as a man, a player, and as a member of the Dallas Cowboys.  We will welcome you back in 2018 if you can stay with the program.  This is not just about football, it is about a young man’s life.  As fans,  we can forgive Randy Gregory, if he stays on the right trail.

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